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Vesterhavsmost® & TONOW® Distillery

Come by and experience Vesterhavsmost® and TONOW® Distillery - here you can see the apple and walnut plantation, the monastery and the beautiful copper distillery. At TONOW®, they strive to raise the quality by exclusively making musts and spirits from freshly picked apples - when they taste the very best.

The location close to the North Sea is unique for apple production, it means lesser yield, but the taste is shaped by the soil and the wind from the sea.

The soil in the area has developed into river deposits, deposited during the last ice ages. The soils are sandy and well-draining, and at the same time have limited water and nutrient supply, properties that enhance the flavors in the apples.

When the temperature rises in the summer, the cool air comes in from the North Sea. This causes the temperature to drop and gives more flavor (acid) as well as longer ripening time in the apples and thus increases the quality.

Vesterhavsmost® has turned must and spirits production 180 degrees, by exclusively making must and spirits from freshly picked apples from its own orchard.

-We have been producing fruit for more than 40 years.

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