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Wood sculpture Festival in Ringkøbing

Watch 10 international artists transform giant tree trunks into beautiful works of art. The artists work all week at the harbour square in Ringkøbing, and the exhibition ends with a vernissage.

The Wood Sculpture Festival takes place from 31 July - 5 August 2023.

This year's artists are:

Shen Tao. China
Hiroko Kono. Japan
Toomas Mitt. Estonia
Péter Alpár. Romania
Ibrahim Alawad. Syria
Joka Lukacs. Hungary
Sabrina Coco. Mexico
Otto Pilgaard. Denmark
Shahed Jamhour. Jordan
Emely Lüscher. Switzerland
Bianco Sebastian. Argentina
Thomas Lüscher. Switzerland
Svetlozar Lissitchkov. Bulgaria
Clemens Gerstenberger. Germany
Laura Guzmán Mendéz. Costa Rica