Hvide Sande havn

The Harbour

Photo: Presse

A visit on the harbour in Hvide Sande is always an existing experience.

Stories from the Harbour in Hvide Sande

The harbour in Hvide Sande was built around the great water locks which were built in 1931. The fishing industry and the building of boats were the most important industries in the area for many years. Today many specially designed and special-purpose ships are built in Hvide Sande.

Hvide Sande Harbour

The harbour in Hvide Sande is the DNA of the town and fishing is its soul. However, 2013 offers much more than filled fishing nets and pipe-smoking fishermen in their overalls; the offshore windmill industry is one of the harbour’s new endeavors which will secure future development.


Tyskerhavnen in Hvide Sande is an idyllic place where time stood still and where artists and tourists in houseboats mix with local fishermen.

Troldbjerg (Troll Hill)

Troldbjerg is a high dune in the middle of the city. From this place you will have an amazing view and you can visit a bunker on the top.