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Hiking for beginners at the North Sea

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The North Sea, with its impressive landscape and diverse terrain, is the perfect place for beginners to embark on a hiking holiday.

Whether you're going on your own or with family or friends, a hiking holiday can not only be a fantastic experience, but also a great way to re-energize and discover new aspects of your own country in scenic surroundings. 

Here's a guide to make your first hiking holiday as a beginner both memorable and enjoyable with cultural sights and beautiful scenery.

Bagges Dæmning - Drone

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1. Choose the right routes

Start with easy but popular hiking routes such as Hvide Sande, Søndervig Strand, Vejers Strand or Nymindegab nature trail. These places offer flat and well-marked trails that are ideal for beginners on a hiking vacation. You will experience the beautiful coastline without being challenged by steep climbs or difficult terrain.

The beach trails in Hvide Sande
Perfect for beginners, these trails offer an easy hike along the picturesque coastline. The paths are flat and easy to walk on, making them ideal for those who are new to hiking. You can enjoy the fresh sea breeze and beautiful views of the North Sea as you walk along the beach. 

Søndervig and Bagges Dæmning
This route begins at Bagges Dæmning at the top of Ringkøbing Fjord and ends in Søndervig town, where you can stroll down to the beach and enjoy the view of the North Sea. The route is relatively easy and offers a mix of beach and fjord landscapes, making it a varied and exciting walk for beginners. 

Route at Vejers Strand
Vejers Strand offers a peaceful hike where you can experience the calm sea and soft sandy beach. The route is simple and provides a relaxing hiking experience that is perfect for beginners who want to enjoy nature without physical exertion. 

Nature trail in Nymindegab
This trail is ideal for beginners who want to experience both beach and forest. Located in Nymindegab Plantation, you'll experience the area's varied landscapes, including dune plantations and coastal stretches. The trail is well marked and easy to follow, making it a safe and comfortable walk for first-time hikers. In the north you can experience Tipperne, while in the south you'll find Blåbjerg Plantation.

Udsigt over Henne Mølle Å


2. Equipment and preparation

Great footwear is essential. Choose hiking shoes that support your ankles and have a good sole to handle mixed terrain. Remember layered clothing adapted to the North Sea's changing weather conditions, a backpack with water, snacks, sunscreen and maybe a map of the area.

3. Be aware of the weather

North Sea weather can be unpredictable. Check the weather forecast before you head out and be prepared for anything from sunshine to rain. A light rain jacket and a hat can be worth their weight in gold for your first hiking vacation.

4. Make plans with the break in mind

The routes by Vejers Strand and Bagges Dæmning by Ringkøbing Fjord have several idyllic stops where you can take a break and enjoy the view. It's important to take breaks, especially on your first hike, to avoid overexertion.

5. Respect for nature

The nature of the North Sea is both fragile and breathtaking. Follow the trails, avoid disturbing wildlife and take all litter back with you. This will ensure the area remains beautiful and accessible for future hikers.

Packing list for beginner hiking vacations 

A packing list for your beginner hiking vacation on the North Sea is important to ensure a comfortable and safe trip. Below is a suggestion of what a packing list might include. 

Good footwear

Hiking boots or shoes with good ankle support and a sturdy sole. Make sure your shoes are broken in to avoid blisters.


  • Layered clothing so you can adapt to changing weather conditions 
  • Water-repellent and windproof jacket
  • Long pants for protection from bushes and insects
  • A light hat or cap for protection from the sun
  • Hiking socks to reduce the risk of blisters

Water and food

  • Water bottle or water reservoir. Consider an extra bottle, depending on the route and length
  • Snacks such as energy bars, nuts or fruit

Navigation and safety equipment

  • Map of the area and/or GPS device
  • Compass, especially if you plan to hike in lesser-known areas
  • Cell phone with a fully charged battery

Sun protection

  • Sunscreen with a high sun protection factor 
  • Sunglasses

First aid kit 

  • Basic first aid items such as band-aids, antiseptic cream, painkillers and allergy medicine 

Additional equipment

  • Small flashlight or headlamp 
  • Lightweight seat pad
  • Mosquito spray or insect repellent 
  • Small knife or multitool 

Adapting to the weather 

  • Rain cover or poncho for unexpected rain
  • Extra layers of clothing to keep warm if the temperature drops

By following these simple tips, you can ensure that your first walking vacation by the North Sea is a fantastic and rewarding experience. Whether you walk along the beach, through the forests or by the fjord, the North Sea is sure to leave you with unforgettable memories and a newfound love of hiking.

Questions and answers

What is the basic equipment I need for a hiking vacation?

Basic equipment includes comfortable walking shoes, weather-appropriate clothing, a backpack, water bottle, first aid kit, map and compass or GPS.

How do I choose the right hiking route?

Choose a route that suits your fitness level and experience. Start with short and less demanding routes and gradually work your way up to longer and more challenging hikes.

How do I prepare physically for a walking vacation?

Start with regular exercise, such as walking, jogging or cycling, to build up your endurance. Exercises for leg strength and balance are also useful.