Mountainbike i Blåbjerg Plantage

Mountain bike routes

Photo: Thomas Høyrup Christensen

Jump on your mountain bike and go on an action filled adventure in one of the area's many scenic plantations.

Below you will find a list for inspiration, and by clicking on "map", it is easy to get an overview of which routes there is near you.


Mountain Bike Trail in Blåbjerg Plantation

In Blåbjerg Plantation you can find Denmark’s highest dune of 64 metres, creating the perfect conditions for mountain bikers. You can test yourself on three trails: an easy trail, difficult trail and ...


Mountain Bike Trail in Femhøjsande Plantage

In Femhøjsande Plantage, there is a mountain bike trail of about 7 km. Located in a relatively flat area, it is not the altitudes that provide a challenge here but it is a technically challenging trai...


Mountain Bike Trail in Bordrup Plantation

The mountain bike trails in Bordrup Plantation take you through some beautiful nature and a varied terrain with both open meadows and enclosed thickets along the way. The plantation has both trails th...


Mountain Bike Trail Sdr. Heden Plantation

Sdr. Heden Plantation is close to Militærskoven in Varde south. Here you will find a 7.1-kilometre MTB trail identified by black markings. The trail passes through a beautiful natural area with both a...


Mountain Bike Trail in Sdr. Plantation

The mountain bike trails in Sdr. Plantation are surrounded by beautiful nature. A large part of the plantation was previously a gravel pit, and therefore the trails have a lot of variety with a lot of...