Ridning på stranden

Horse riding

Photo: Mette Johnsen

An extraordinary experience - enjoy the scenic surroundings by the North Sea on horseback. You can ride out on your own or go on a guided ride along the sea.

Here you can ride

Don't cheat yourself of a horseback ride by the North Sea. If you don't have a horse yourself, there are several farms and riding centers in the area where it is possible to rent both horses and equipment. As a beginner, it is a good idea to get some training on a track before setting off on winding nature trails.

Go on a riding holiday with your own horse

You can rent an apartment or a cottage at a riding center. The centers also offer stables for your own horse or pony. Spend your holiday with the whole family and go on lovely horse rides in the area's beautiful plantations and to the North Sea.

Horse riding trails

There are several marked trails that are especially suitable for horse riding. These are marked with a small sign with a horse. In some places, however, there are special local rules for where and how you can horse ride, so always keep a close eye on the signage.

Horse riding trail in Ho Plantation
Horse riding trails in Oksby Plantation
Horse riding trails at Vejers Strand
Horse riding trails in Blåbjerg Plantage
Horse riding trails in Nymindegab Plantation (South)
Horse riding trails in Nymindegab Plantage (North)
Horse riding trails in Skjern Enge
Horse riding trail at Præstbjerg Nature Center
Horse riding trail in Husby Plantage

Horse riding on the beach

From 1 September to 31 May, horse riding is permitted on the unvegetated beach, and along the path down there, provided this is a legal access. On protected dune beach areas, horse riding is also permitted on roads and unvegetated beaches. However, always keep an eye out for no-riding signs.