Bicycle routes

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Jump on your bike and enjoy the unique West Jutland landscape.

A bike ride by the Danish west coast offers scents of rose hips and saltwater, birds chirping in your ear, and a view of heather clad dunes and the turquoise sea. Here you’ll find the most beautiful bicycle routes in Jutland. 

The Danish west coast hides the most charming bicycle routes in jutland. All along the route, all your senses are bombarded with impressions. Heather and rose hips, along with pine trees, buckthorn, and blueberries, create fine and spicy scents. The sea and the fjord also produce different scents, and a fresh smell of fish of course. The lapping waves and chirping birds provide a great background on the heaths, where you cannot hear cars and other people.

An international nature trail 

Vestkystruten The West Coast Trail is a nature trail which runs all the way from the Danish-German border to Skagen. Well actually it is part of the 6000 km long route called The North Sea Cycle Route, which follows the coastline in Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, and back to Denmark, and it is connected by ferries between The Netherlands and England, Scotland and Norway, and Sweden and Denmark. 

Hvide Sande and Søndervig

In the Hvide Sande area you’ll find a bike path in the dunes or as close to them as possible. In some places, the holiday home roads are used, and in Hvide Sande andSøndervig you have to bicycle along the asphalt road a while, before you return to the bike path outside of town. The trip from Søndervig to Nymindegab is about 30 to 40 kilometers. It winds its way through the terrain and please note that it is a gravel path, which is best suited for bicycles with broad tires. 

Depending on where you begin your trip, there are places to rest your legs inHvide Sande, Søndervig at Lyngvig Lighthouse - or on a beautiful sunny spot of your choice, in lee of the wind, in the warm sand in the dunes.

Panoramic routes 

The panoramic routes are marked bike paths, which guide you about in nature.

There are two routes to take around Ringkøbing Fjord. One is 42 km long and begins at Bork Harbour. You can find it here.

The other route begins at what is called the Birds’ Fjord at Stadil. That route is 27 km long, and you can find out more about it here.

Along the entire west coast of Jutland, there are several panoramic routes to choose from. There is also the West Coast Route. You can find out more about both here.