Couple on a bike ride by Ringkøbing Fjord


Photo: Jesper Rais

The perfect place for a bike ride - so, jump on and experience the amazing landscapes in the destination.

At this destination there’s every chance to experience the wonderful and diversified nature here with over 1000 km of paved bicycle paths and just as many kilometres of gravel roads through plantations and heaths, near red deer, sea eagles, lakes, brooks, and villages with shopping – lots of space and great views and the western winds as an eternal friend or foe.

In the area you can also challenge yourself or each other on the many mountain bike trails. The trails vary in length and difficulty, so everyone who enjoys some action on wheels will be able to find something that suits them.

Bring along your own bikes from home or rent them when you arrive

You can rent bicycles, electric bicycles, or mountain bikes from one of the area’s many rental companies. And if you should get hungry while on your trip, you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy your packed lunch in scenic surroundings in a small dining cottage or at outdoors tables with benches. You can also walk along the last part of the trails through the dunes to the North Sea where you can enjoy the stunning view of the ocean.