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museum ved søen flot arkitektur

Let art in springtime grow

Photo: Visit Vesterhavet

Where do I find the best art experiences in the destination?

We have six beautiful and unique art museums in our region, all of which are worth a visit. Not to mention countless sculptures, murals and architectural gems. Great and renowned artists alongside lesser-known local creative souls. Want a piece of handmade art to take home as a memory you'll not forget? So why not visit some of our many artists skilled in painting, pottery, glass art and jewellery design?

Art experiences by the North Sea


Crafts and design market in Ringkøbing

Over the summer, many of the area's artisans and designers move to Ringkøbing. The Latin Quarter in V. Strandgade forms the setting for the market, where you can have a good chat with the artists and ...

Artist residence ART 56
Photo: Holmsland Klit Turistforening

Artist residence ART 56

If you would like to observe an artist at work, then visit the artist residence at the German harbour in Hvide Sande. The gallery is open every Sunday to Thursday from April to October. There will be ...


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