Go on a journey through time and learn more about World War 2 and its significance for the West Coast

Along the west coast you will find several museums that focus on the World War 2. At Tirpitz, you can go exploring in the old bunker, and underneath the sand, hidden stories of sunken ships, precious amber treasures and forbidden love are told. FLUGT tells the story of the enormous flow of refugees who came to the West Coast during the World War 2 - fantastic stories about people living in the Oksbøl tenement. Come along on a journey across time and place. At Ringkøbing Museum you can see and experience the fascinating exhibition "Planes in the night", with a large Lancaster aircraft, on a scale of 1:1. Through sound, film, original objects and pictures, the exhibition tells about the planes that crashed, their missions and the people behind them.

Drone foto af FLUGT i Oksbøl


Photo: Rasmus Hjortshøj
Flyveren i natten - Ringkøbing Museum

Ringkøbing Museum

Photo: Levende Historie
Flyver - Anden Verdenskrig

World War II and the West Coast

Photo: Rodrigo Rodriguez

Explore the bunkers along the West Coast

Go out and discover the many bunkers that lie along the West Coast. The bunkers are a relic of World War 2, when they functioned as part of the Atlantic Wall - Nazi Germany's massive defense against an invasion from the west. They are ravaged by water, sand and time, but they are still exciting to explore.