Familie som går en tur på volden i Naturkraft


Photo: Naturkraft

You know, those things you can talk about for a long time: activities that work up a sweat, split your sides laughing or bring calm down into your bones. Right here, there are plenty of opportunities to test your mettle in nature, have time for each other.

Water is hard to avoid in a country like Denmark. At Ringkøbing Fjord you can visit Seaside Safari, where you can hear a lot of interesting stories about the fjord and its characteristics, including the Old Sluice in Hvide Sande and Lyngvig Lighthouse. On land, on water and in the air: at Naturkraft you can try out nature’s forces. Here you can explore and learn more about how nature has shaped the landscape and what happens when we try to tame it. WOW – take a look at that park. See the view from the treetops, climb the trees and enjoy your packed lunches in the most beautiful nature park. WOW Park in Skjern is worth a visit for children and the young at heart.

Activities for the entire family

You’re off duty, sitting at the breakfast table and knowing that it won't be long before the youngest one asks, 'What should we do today?' The challenge is to come up with something that involves everyone, so it’s a good thing you’re in West Jutland. There are many lovely spots to discover, that will leave the whole family with broad smiles on their face. In Lalandia in Søndervig, you look at the clock and presto, it’s been three hours! There, you can compete, dive and skip around from one activity to another. Build whatever strikes your fancy at LEGO House. You can enjoy hours of play with the simple bricks, and take the time to admire the amazing creations that the hardcore LEGO builders have put together. Hvidbjerg Strand is much more than a campsite – it offers you luxury in every corner. The beach, hotel and water park are ready to welcome you. Landal Seawest has the wildest roller coasters and many other activities you’ll love to try. Time for a quiet activity? In the small town of Kloster,  you can dip your own candles in a wealth of colours at Kloster Design.

Love water in every way?

Then there is plenty of opportunity to go out into the blue waves and log some nautical miles, with the horizon in the distance, wind in your sails and the water beneath you. At WestWind you can rent equipment for water adventures. Kayak, canoe, paddle or surf – the Fjord and the North Sea are ready to give you great water experiences.

Still craving some action? There are plenty of slides and water activities at Lalandia in Søndervig, Hvidbjerg Stand Badland and Landal Seawest Badland. You will not be the first to visit all three places while on holiday. Maybe your feet are sore, your body is creaking a little? In any case, you will find peace, well-being and total relaxation at Blåvand Kurvand and Wellness. The results of a couple of hours here will undoubtedly be felt for the rest of your holiday.

Cultural and historical time travel and interesting art

Have you ever met a Viking? Bork Vikingehavn gives you a lifelike opportunity to travel back in time and meet Vikings. You can get an insight into their many everyday chores back then. Lynvig Lighthouse was built after a tragic accident. You can read about this story when you visit the lighthouse. The view is fantastic and the cafe is cosy after a visit to the heights. When the rain falls, the doors to the Ringkøbing Museum are open: hear about the old market town from the 1400s and see the exhibition about World War II. A little farther south in West Jutland, you can visit Tirpitz, where you can enter a real bunker and find out even more about World War II. FLUGT is Denmark’s new international museum for refugee stories – new and incredibly exciting. Colourful, alluring and vibrant art? Then visit Museum Frello, where you can see the beautiful works created by Otto Frello and take the children on the Frello treasure hunt.


The museums

Photo: Mike Bink
Kunstmuseum i Videbæk en flot forårsdag

Art museums

Photo: VisitVesterhavet

Fantastic outdoor experiences

For those of you who the loves outdoor life, there are many beautiful nature-rich places along the coast and the Fjord – places offering balm-for-the soul, where you can unwind and enjoy West Jutland nature right in the back garden. Get up close to nature when you stay at one of the cosy campsites. It is worth mentioning Henne Strand Camping, where you are planted in the middle of nature and can explore from there. Stay overnight at Vejers Camping , surrounded by heath, forest and one of the West Coast’s best bathing beaches. If you have left home without your outdoor gear, help is at hand. The NY FORM stores in Søndervig, Hvide Sande and Henne Strand have everything you need in outdoor equipment.