Hvide Sande Strand

Beach Life

Photo: hvidesande.dk

Put on your bathing suit and dive into the roaring sea, or bring your surfboard and rush across the foamy waves. Take your kids’ hands in yours and search for beautiful stones and sea shells on the beach.

Beaches in Destination Vesterhavet

It’s not really a vacation until you’ve been to the North Sea.

Water safety by the North Sea

It’s important to learn the seven swimming advice by heart, so that your trip to the beach is a positive experience.

Gather rocks at the beach

It’s impossible to return from the beach without pockets filled will smooth beautiful rocks.

Northern gold

Amber can be found in the sea and the fjord.

Kite Play

The wide beaches makes a perfect kite-playground.

Jogging on the Beach

Begin your day with running on the beach.