Christmas by the North Sea is a winter wonderland

From Skallingen in the south to Vedersø Klit in the north, Christmas rolls across the country and lights up the streets and not least in the eyes of the children. In the City of Elves, Varde, Santa Claus will be woken up by more than 300 Christmas-loving elf children. And while the rest of us have a Christmas box in the attic, in Varde they have an elf hat so big that it has filled a house. Now it's unwrapped and will spend the entire Christmas season on the square in front of the town hall as Scandinavia's largest. Don't forget your warm outerwear if you want to visit a land made of ice when ISKUNSTEN once again opens its doors to fantastic sculptures made of ice. Santa Claus will also be awakened in Skjern and in Ringkøbing you can experience the history of the Christmas tree at NATURKRAFT. With a tail of elves behind him, trees are lit and Christmas is sung. The Christmas spirit is alive and well everywhere, so cheeks can get thick with apple slices, mulled wine can steam up all the senses and secrets can be shopped for in the many shops in the market towns. In short, the event calendar is busy. Right now, there are over 200 Christmas events just waiting to be experienced. Check out our big Christmas event calendar here.

Let the peace of Christmas settle...

Get into the Christmas spirit by the North Sea. December offers many exciting and 'hyggelige' experiences for children and adults of all ages, and we have gathered some of them for you here.

It's the time of year when holiday homes become Christmas living rooms. Where you can stop time for a moment over a board game and stock up on Christmas treats before the family heads out into the hustle and bustle again. Or into a completely different, fairytale world. Walk along Nissestien at Øster Skovgård Julehandel, where both elf caves and Santa Claus suddenly appear. Or step into Nørre Vosborg and experience Christmas at a manor house decorated in the spirit of Hans Christian Andersen. Andersen's spirit. Listen to something as strange as elf stories in the dungeon, go on a treasure hunt or feel the Christmas spirit with high ceilings in the Knight's Hall. Sit down and let it all sink in with gingerbread and other Christmas treats in the café. And let the temptations continue if you head to Nørre Vosborg's shop.

kandiserede jule æbler

Events at Christmas time

Photo: Niclas Jessen
Escape House History - hytten

Activities throughout the winter

Photo: Flying October