Christmas experiences for adults

Photo: Fjordgaarden

During the Christmas season, there are good opportunities for activities, relaxation, and just enjoying the special atmosphere.

Stauning Whisky
Stauning Whisky

Stauning Whisky

At Stauning Whisky, you'll be met with the aromas of grain, fermentation, alcohol and wood. Every room actually has its own scent, and you'll have the opportunity to see them all, as dedicated guides recount the history of the place, with insight into how to make whisky from scratch.

Fjordgaarden - wellness - champagne
Jesper Rais


Do you – and perhaps a loved one – need a little indulgence and relaxation in the middle of the busy Christmas season? Tear one day out of your calendar and visit one of the area’s lovely spas.  Shift all the way down, enjoy the tranquility and the view, and maybe have a thorough massage.

Klitter - Vandretur
Stefan Asp

Explore nature

Go exploring nature on your own. The North Sea coast has plenty of space – enough for you to easily find your own unique spot. Download our “VESTKYSTEN” app with maps and route descriptions that you can take with you along the way.

Charlotte Coneybeer

New Year’s Oysters

End the year with a fantastic experience and join a guided oyster safari in the Limfjord. With waders and expert guidance from one of the Jyllands Aquarium guides, you will have the opportunity to pick one of the world’s best ingredients to take home for your New Year’s Eve celebration.