Bed and Breakfast West coast cottage

Bed & Breakfast

With a stay at a Bed and Breakfast, you will experience a type of accommodation with lots of personality and charm. You can stay in a spacious flat or a cosy apartment, while also getting a central location in our towns or beautiful nature.

If you choose a B&B, you will arrive at a place of accommodation, where everything is just waiting for you. In several B&Bs breakfast is included, and everywhere the owners are always ready to help with anything and everything. Find the owners on this website and book/contact them directly. Most of the owners speak English or German.

Because the B&Bs are run by private persons, the facilities at the B&Bs are very individual. Some places provide linen, some do not and the same applies to breakfast. There are places where you can bring your dog and places where animals are not allowed. Find the rules for the individual B&Bs in the B&B overview.