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Photo: Rikke Kjær Poulsen

The good thing about Denmark is that you are never far from the water. And if you are in West Jutland, then the west coast of Jutland and Ringkøbing Fjord are definitely worth a visit. The coast is winding, full of dunes and bunkers scattered along the coast. We got some of the best surf. 

The coast is winding, full of dunes and bunkers scattered along the coast, reminding us of a bygone era. Shells and cannons have long since been replaced by kites, swimsuits and dips in the water. Ringkøbing Fjord is a true mecca for anglers, birders and water sport mavens. Every spring, summer and late summer, the beaches along the coast and the good surf spots on the fjord are full of happy tourists and the locals. While some prefer to lie along the sand, others are moving fast.

Shaka hænder og bølger vestkysten

Do you think that a trip to Hawaii is a bit too long? Would you like to save on plane fare and CO2, but still have an unmanageable urge to try your hand at water activities? This is your chance to jump in the wetsuit and become a real surfer dude or girl. Along the West Coast and on Ringkøbing Fjord, there is plenty of opportunity to jump into the waves and try to stay above water. We give you the best surf spots here and let you dive into the water sport and water spot you would like to try your hand at. Do you know what kind of surfer you are? Find out below.

What type of surfer are you?

Find inspiration and read about the different Watersport styles below. 

Surfing i Hvide Sande




To damer som står i vandkanten med deres surfboards


Stand up paddle - SUP

Stand Up Paddle


Perhaps you think that water sports and children are not the obvious combination, but in fact there are many places along the west coast of Jutland and by the fjord where children can learn a lot about kites and windsurfing. There are many surfing schools along the fjord that offer courses for children (and adults). Children are quick studies and have a habit of catching on to the surf stunts quite quickly, so before you know it, your little ones will have already taken on several waves. Should the little limbs be supercharged with some good ice cream? Ice cream can be enjoyed at lovely Bork harbour, with views of the water and the beautiful nature around it.





More comfortable with kayaking or canoeing?

If you want to train on the water with toned arms and strong abdominal muscles, kayaking will obvious do the trick. A sailing trip along Varde River, Denmark’s longest watercourse, is just as winding as the west coast. The beautiful nature and the wildlife surrounding it can easily be enjoyed and experienced on your trip along the river in a kayak. Kayaking will definitely make you sweat – and if the sun is high, don't forget the sunscreen. When you reach Varde and have worked up an appetite, Varde has several good eateries to visit. Take special not of Von Lügenhals, located in VARDE GARTEN. Step through time warp into the 17th Century, marked by unmistakable authenticity, as is the food. The kitchen uses Danish organic ingredients, and the proof is in the tasting. It can be difficult to choose from the wide range of local beers, but you are allowed to order another or visit the place again.


Photo:Mark Trustrup

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