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Salmon over fire

Danish summer dreams

Destination North Sea offers some of the most beautiful and wildest landscapes not just in Denmark, but in all of Europe. From the south, at Skallingen with the UNESCO World Heritage-designated Wadden Sea, to the north by Vedersø Klit, nature’s great dramas play out. In this untamed nature,  everything is in motion: the water, the air, the sand, the mind.

The west coast of Jutland speaks to the inner beach maven, regardless of age, whether throwing yourself into the waves or enjoying the whole scene at a proper distance from a hollow in the dunes. Here you can let your thoughts fly like birds in a breeze, savour the tranquillity of a horizon set to infinite and feel how grand it is to be a small part of it all.

The wings of history

The Jutland North Sea Coast has a unique 100 km long cultural history dating back to the Ice Age. It tells a stormy tale of the Vikings and Denmark as a maritime nation. With brave generations and strong women’s storeys of life and death in the eternal battle with the ravages of the elements. And of World War II, where the dunes shouldered a concrete front.

Throughout our museums and in the open air, we can guide you through the ages and take you on a journey of discovery, creating a greater understanding of the past and what we can learn from it for the future. For example, follow in the artists’ footsteps and experience new interpretations of the women’s hard life by the sea, or feel the spirit of Kaj Munk’s Parsonage.

Wild North Sea cuisine

North Sea cuisine is vitality and essence. Everywhere, wild nature has created ingredients for unique taste experiences: in the salted air, the fish in the sea and grazing cattle in the meadows, in red deer that tower over the open heath and the fragrant whispers of herbs and small gastronomic wonders. Enjoy this wonderland, which offers everything from bouquets and bonfires to the taste of wild food with ground elder – or you can go to the kitchen yourself and sleep well afterwards in a shelter. You can find inspiration everywhere in the well-stocked farm shops with crispy vegetables, cheese, eggs and freshly-extracted honey.

Here out West everything simply tastes better, more fresh and vital.

Restaurant Nordic - mad - torsk
Pighvar - Vejers Strand - Surfcasting

You can enjoy a high level of pampering or just enjoy a single meal in good company. Gourmet restaurants, beach cafes and road inns are scattered along the entire coast. Just as in the shopping opportunities in vibrant city life, there is no lack of variety of sun, water and beaches.

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