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Woman walking near windmills

Spring time by North Sea

This is where Denmark meets the infinity.
Where the sky and the ocean opens up. 
This is where you get closer to what is most important.
And we are looking forward to meeting you.

Go explore!

Get the wide overview of the best day trip and event inspiration for you trip at the danish North Sea.

Holiday experiences by the North Sea

Here out west - life is lived and experienced uniquely.
Here you have space to be together and entirely alone.
Here you will find peace and quiet for your thoughts and dreams. 
Here out west, everything is in motion.
The water, the air, the sand, the mind.
It moves you, moves you towards the close and intimate.

West Coast

Out here westwards the sun sets at the latest hour.
Here you can see the light, feel the darkness, and find meaning.  
Out here westwards. Far from everything.
You get close to what matters most.