Et par går en tur ved et feriehus i klitlandskab


Photo: VisitVesterhavet

When you go on holiday by the North Sea, you have the opportunity to live close to the water and get the wonderful nature experiences up close.

Unwind and sleep to the sound of the waves

Want to get the most out of your stay in West Jutland and extend it by a couple of nights or maybe a week? We have found good places to call home after a long day on the coast and the fjord. Find peace and quiet and wind down. Open the patio door to open spaces and enjoy the sunset with your toes buried in the sand – in the middle of the dunes. Be blown away by fresh North Sea air and feel the tranquillity sink in with the sight and sound of the waves beating sleepy rhythms on the beach.

 With an overnight stay in West Jutland, you can enjoy beautiful sunsets, alluring nature, activities for children and adults and local attractions. Lean back calmly – in the summer cottage, seaside hotel, houseboat, inn, tent, caravan or cabin. Breathe in lots of fresh North Sea air and enjoy the aroma of salt water and the raw West Jutland nature in the back garden.


Book a holiday cottage

Photo: Destination Vesterhavet

 Stay on the front row of the dunes, listen to the waves as the sun sets and fire up the barbecue after a long day on the coast and the fjord. A holiday cottage is for those of you who love to fill the fridge with fresh local ingredients and see the beautiful sunset from your own terrace. It offers cosy, homey surroundings that invite relaxation.

You can also invite nature and cosiness right under the awning or into the caravan, at one of the many beautiful campsites in the destination. You can stay in the dunes' unique landscape, amidst marsh straw and sand. The selection is extensive and many of the facilities have either a fjord or sea view. Fresh air and wind, red cheeks and relaxation are guaranteed. How about your very own little cabinThe space is not great, but the comfort is maximal. At Hvidbjerg Strand Holiday Park in Blåvand are the luxurious fishing cottages, with large terraces on piles planted in the middle of their newly created lake, where you can enjoy an evening in peace and quiet.

If you are looking for the true nature experience, pack up the tent and find one of the good spots along the coast or by the fjord. Overnight in nature, get up early for the sunrise and greet the red deer at the edge of the forest. In the summer, the temperature can still sneak down a ways, so make sure you have a good sleeping bag, cookware and check that the place allows open fire. Are you into the complete opposite of not having to lift a finger and enjoying some Western Jutland luxury? If so, staying at one of our lovely hotels or charming inns could be for you. Here service is not a chore, but a matter of course. Sit back and enjoy delicious local food, a drink in the bar and relax in nostalgic surroundings. We also offer more spectacular stays. Fall asleep to the water's rocking movement. A houseboat gives you a different kind of overnight experience. The ultra-movdern houseboats in Hvide Sande and Bork Havn are cosy and perfect for the family, or a romantic getaway for two.


Save on electricity and water

Consider switching off lights that are not in use and use only the water you need. The biggest culprits are the ones we overlook in everyday life and on holiday. For example, consider whether it is necessary to leave electric radiators on in all rooms all night and whether the water can be switched off when you apply shampoo to your hair while showering. It's the little things that contribute to a better environment.