Family cosiness in a holiday home with a view

Holiday Homes

Photo: Robin Skjoldborg

Whether you want to stay in the dunes at Hvide Sande, Søndervig, Vejers, Henne or Blåvand, with a view of the sea and the fjord, or spend your vacation in lee of the wind, on the east side of the fjord in for example Stauning Harbour, the choice is yours to stay wherever you desire.

The advantage of spending your vacation in a holiday home is that everybody can relax and do their own thing - and still spend time together. Maybe the teenager of the family wants to spend the entire day in pajamas, and mom enjoys getting up at 7am going for a morning swim in the North Sea. 

When the entire family is together in the holiday home, it’s a unique chance to do the things you don’t have time for otherwise. Like sitting around a table and having all your meals together. On a rainy day, you can sit indoors, play board games, sing songs, and tell stories. 

Vacation in a holiday home 

Maybe your kids would like to make their own kites, while mom reads a crime novel, and dad finishes some sketches for the garden plans back home. The family is together, even though everyone is doing their own thing. Being together is the essence of holiday homes. 

Find your perfect holiday home

We have assembled the area’s talented holiday home proprietors, and they are all ready to rent you the best holiday cottages.

Feriepartner Hvide Sande
Feriepartner Hvide Sande

Feriepartner Hvide Sande

Feriepartner is a 100% local, association-owned rental agency for holiday homes on the West Coast. Feriepartner Søndervig offers holiday homes in Klegod, Søndervig, Houvig and on Lodberg Hede, while Feriepartner Hvide Sande has holiday homes and holiday apartments in and around the town of Hvide Sande.

Servicekontor hos Feriekompagniet


Feriekompagniet is an experienced and locally owned holiday home rental agency in Blåvand. The agency is primarily involved in renting holiday homes and apartments in Blåvand and the surrounding area. When you rent a summer cottage through Feriekompagniet, the focus is always on good service.



At Esmark holiday home rental you will find a huge selection of holiday homes on the west coast of Denmark. Common to all the holiday homes is their setting location in the beautiful nature of West Jutland, within walking distance of the North Sea and the endless sand beach.

Luftfoto af feriehus i Houvig ved Vesterhavet
Sol og Strand

Sol og Strand

Sol og Strand offers a wide selection of beautiful and cosy summer cottages along the West Jutland coast. In the service offices, smiling staff are ready to help and guide you to your dream holiday home.

Sortetræ feriehuse


Axelgaard offers rental of cottages and holiday homes on the west coast of Jutland in the areas around Blåvand, Henne Strand and Bork Havn. It is a small alternative rental agency that arranges large and small holiday home rentals.

Nybygget feriehus i grønne omgivelser

Holiday Homes at Lalandia in Søndervig

Stay close to the breathtaking nature of West Jutland by the roaring North Sea. The newly built holiday cottages have their own bathroom, kitchen and terrace and a wonderful inflow of light. The houses are the ideal starting point for family fun, intimacy and good experiences all year round.

Sort feriehuse i grønne omgivelser
Feriepartner Henne Strand

Feriepartner Henne Strand

Feriepartner Henne Strand offers you quality, peace and quite close to the fresh North Sea. At Feriepartner Henne Strand you can find the perfect cottage in the areas around Henne Strand, Henneby and Houstrup. All three areas are unique and are called the three pearls of the West Coast.



DanWest Feriehusudlejning offers a large selection of holiday homes by the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord. Here you'll find everything from small, charming wooden summer houses to large holiday homes with swimming pools and activity rooms. Whatever your needs, DanWest is always ready to help you make your holiday dream come true. 

Skilt med en viking på, som holder et Danmarks flag
Die hyggelige Dänen

Die Hyggelige Dänen

Die Hyggelige Dänen offers cottages and holiday homes at Vejers Strand, surrounded by unique nature and rich wildlife. You will experience West Jutland’s nature right outside your door, and you will have a holiday that you will long remember.

Servicekontor hos Købmand Hansens Feriehusudlejning
Købmand Hansens Feriehusudlejning

Købmand Hansen's Holiday Home Rental

Købmand Hansens rents beautiful cottages and holiday homes on the west coast of Jutland around Henne Strand, Houstrup, Bork and Jegum. The area offers unique nature – no matter what time of year you visit the areas.

Feriehus i feriebyen Landal

Landal Seawest

In the middle of the beautiful West Jutland nature between Nr. Nebel and Nymindegab – not far from the North Sea – is Landal Seawest, a unique holiday town. If you're looking for a holiday with both relaxation and lots of activity, Landal Seawest might be your next holiday destination.

Tre sorte feriehuse med solnedgang i baggrunden
Nordsee Holidays

Nordsee Holidays

Nordsee Holidays is where you’ll find the real deal when it comes to North Sea vacations. This web portal is the result of a collaboration between  Købmand Hansens Feriehusudlejning, Feriekompagniet, Die ”hyggelige” Dänen, and Hvidbjerg Strand Resort.

Feriehuse i klitterne ved sømærket i Vedersø Klit


Klitferie offers quality holiday homes by the North Sea and takes pride in sending guests home with good holiday memories. Klitferie firmly believes that a good holiday consists of more than just a lovely holiday home. Klitferie therefore goes the extra mile to ensure that you enjoy a lovely holiday by the North Sea as their guest.

Lej et feriehus i Vejers gennem Feline Holidays
Feline Holidays

Feline Holidays

At Feline you find a large selection of holiday homes and apartments. At the North Sea more than 11,000 beautiful holiday homes from small traditional homes to high-capacity luxury houses with room for the big family.

Feriehus med lys i vinduerne


A luxury house on the West Coast provides the perfect setting for a cosy stay with the whole family or all your friends. The holiday homes have their own wellness area with swimming pool, spa and sauna, as well as an activity room with billiards, table tennis and PlayStation.

Sort feriehus med stråtag tæt på Vesterhavet
Ferie mellem hav og fjord

Holidays between sea and fjord

Kirsten and Matthias Jungblut rent out nice holiday houses along the Danish West coast, from Lønne to Houvig. They also offer last minute rental of holiday houses if you should get a sudden urge to experience West Denmark. 

Sort stråtagshus omgivet af marehalm
Blåvand Feriehusudlejning

Blåvand Holiday Home Rental

Blåvand Holiday Home Rental has been in business since 1998, as a small local agency that primarily rents out houses in Blåvand and Ho. The agency focuses on a high level of service and good prices. Staff are always ready to help guests with large and small matters.

Servicekontor hos Feriepartner Blåvand
Feriepartner Blåvand

Feriepartner Blåvand

Take a holiday in a cosy cottage right in the middle of West Jutland nature with sand, dunes, fjord and sea. Feriepartner Blåvand offers cottages and excellent service in the southern part of West Jutland in the areas around Blåvand, Ho and Vejers.

Lindvig Ferie Center
Lindvig Ferie


Er I på udkig efter et sommerhus med plads til op til 70 gæster? Et charmerende feriested med 28 nyrenoverede værelser og hytter som alle har eget bad, toilet og en lille overdækket terrasse? Selskabslokaler og praktisk industrikøkken?

Servicekontor hos NOVASOL i Søndervig


NOVASOL offers cottage and holiday home rental services throughout the West Coast. In fact, they offer rental services throughout Denmark and in large parts of the EU. At the service offices, NOVASOL’s skilled staff are ready to guide you, and they will be happy to give you some good advice about the area along the way.

Admiral Strand Feriehusudlejning
Servicekontor hos Admiral Strand Feriehusudlejning

Admiral Strand Holiday Homes

Admiral Strand offers holiday homes rentals in all sizes and categories, from traditional cottages to luxury houses with pools. The holiday homes are located along the West Coast, from Blåvand in the south to Søndervig in the north.

Feriepartner Vedersø Klit
Feriehus med strå tag

Feriepartner Vedersø Klit

Great nature experiences await just around the corner, as no matter where you live in Vedersø Klit, you’ll never be far from the North Sea, Husby Klitplantage or Nissum Fjord. At Feriepartner Vedersø Klit, you will meet smiling staff who are ready to help you.

Feriehus med stråtag i grønne omgivelser


Go on holiday close to the North Sea. DanCenter has a large selection of summer cottages – everything from the classic cottage to the large luxury houses with pool and sauna. Located in and around the popular West Coast resort, your holiday is certain to be unforgettable.

Familie hygge i feriehuset med hav udsigt

Rent a lovely cottage along the North Sea. Here you will find some of Denmark’s best bathing beaches and most exciting coastal environments. Ferieboligweb offers a large selection of cottages that you can rent directly from the proprietor.

Servicekontor hos Feriepartner Bork Havn
Feriepartner Bork Havn

Feriepartner Bork Havn

Bring the surfboard and book a holiday home at Feriepartner Bork Havn. Here you can discover Ringkøbing Fjord, the North Sea and many other attractions. Feriepartner Bork Havn rents holiday homes and houseboats at Ringkøbing Fjord – primarily in Bork Havn, Fahlen, Hemmet, Skaven and Stauning.