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Guide to a 5-day hiking holiday by the North Sea

Photo: Sarah Green

A guide to unforgettable experiences. A hiking holiday by the North Sea offers a unique opportunity to explore some of Denmark's most breathtaking landscapes. This guide gives you a detailed plan for a 5-day hiking holiday through the area's varied terrain and cultural attractions.

DAY 1: Arrival and exploration of Hvide Sande

Start your adventure in Hvide Sande. A charming fishing village located between the North Sea and Ringkøbing Fjord. Spend your first day exploring the area. Take an easy walk along Hvide Sande Beach, where you can enjoy the view of the rough sea waves and the soft sand beneath your feet. Stay at one of the town's cosy accommodations - there's sure to be a place to suit your budget.

DAY 2: Hike from Hvide Sande to Nymindegab

On day two, you can embark on a hike from Hvide Sande to Nymindegab. This coastal route offers magnificent views of the sea and passes through some of the area's most beautiful dune landscapes. In Nymindegab you can explore the local museum or take a relaxing walk by the fjord. Accommodation is available at local bed and breakfasts or shelters if you prefer a more nature-orientated experience.

DAY 3: Discover Blåvand and Oksbøl

On day three, take a short walk or drive to Blåvand - known for its wide beach and the historic Blåvandshuk Lighthouse. Here you can spend the day hiking through Blåvand Klitplantage - Ho Klitplantage, where there are many different and good hiking routes. The plantation also offers a combination of forest and dune landscapes and is part of the North Sea Nature Park. After a long day of hiking, it's a good idea to head into Oksbøl to relax and recharge. You can stay at the local inn or at one of the town's many campsites or holiday centres.

DAY 4: From Henne Strand to Vejers

Day four takes you from Henne Strand to Vejers. This part of the coast is known for its tranquillity and natural beauty. The hiking route here is characterised by both beach and dune landscapes, and you're sure to encounter a wealth of wildlife. Start with a good meal at one of the many restaurants in Henne Strand. On the way to Vejers, don't miss a detour around Filsø and the beautiful ellipse. A scenic area with the possibility of several different routes with diverse experiences along the way. In Vejers, you can explore the charming streets of the town before strolling down to the beach and watching the sunset. Stay in a cabin or at a campsite for an authentic nature experience.

DAY 5: Søndervig and Ringkøbing Fjord

På din sidste dag, tag til Søndervig - en populær destination for både lokale og turister. Her kan du nyde en afslappende dag med vandring langs Søndervig Strand eller omkring Ringkøbing Fjord og Bagges Dæmning, som byder på et mere stille vandmiljø. Afslut din tur med et besøg til den historiske by Ringkøbing, hvor du både kan nyde byens gamle charme og de mange hyggelige caféer.  

On your last day, head to Søndervig - a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Here you can enjoy a relaxing day walking along Søndervig Beach or around Ringkøbing Fjord and Bagges Dæmning, which offers a quieter water environment. Finish your trip with a visit to the historic town of Ringkøbing, where you can enjoy the old charm of the town and the many cosy cafés.

Blåvandshuk Fyr

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Activities and tips for the route

Visit the local museums and cultural centres to learn more about the history and nature of the area. You can gain great insight into the region's history, culture and nature by visiting the sites.

Udstilling på Nymindegab Museum
Karsten Madsen


Located in Nymindegab, this museum provides a fascinating insight into the natural history and culture of the area. The museum focuses on local history, including the area's lizard traditions and life in and around Nymindegab - including the many painters who passed through.

En ny analyse viser, at både kyst og naturoplevelser og de mere klassiske kulturoplevelser vægter højt hos Destination Vesterhavets gæster.
Mike Bink


A modern and interactive museum located close to Blåvand. The Tirpitz Museum tells the story of the German occupation of Denmark during World War II and has an impressive exhibition on amber, known as the "Gold of the North".

Fiskeriets Hus i Hvide Sande
Fiskeriets Hus


This museum is dedicated to the history of fishing in the area. It gives visitors a deeper understanding of Hvide Sande's role as an important fishing village and includes aquariums with local marine species.

Ringkøbing Museum Levende Historie


Located in the historic town of Ringkøbing, this museum provides an insight into the local history and culture of West Jutland. The museum is ideal for those who want to understand the historical development and cultural heritage of the region.

Blåvandshuk Fyr
Flying October


Although not technically a museum, Blåvandshuk Lighthouse is an important cultural attraction. It offers unique views of the area and symbolises the region's maritime history.

Consider renting a bike for the day so you can explore the nearby areas. Bring packed lunches on your hikes so you can enjoy a picnic with a view. Always remember to check the weather forecast and be prepared for changing weather conditions.

Accommodation options on your 5-days of hiking

After a long day out on the trails, it's important to get a good night's sleep so you're ready to lace up your hiking boots for another day by the North Sea. There are various accommodation options to choose from.

This 5-day hiking holiday by the North Sea offers a perfect balance of physical activity, nature experiences and cultural exploration. Each day offers new landscapes and experiences, making this trip an unforgettable experience for any nature and hiking enthusiast. 

Always remember to respect nature and leave the area as beautiful as you found it. Have a great trip!