Det vilde Vesterhav

Denmark’s Wild West

One day it shows teeth and thunders over everything. The next day it gently sings a lullaby to the pebbles at water’s edge. The North Sea is the wildest aspect of Denmark, in terms of both its temperament and the experiences it offers. From south to north, for young and old, enjoy surfing over the waves, immersing yourself in art and history, or simply sailing among the clouds while lying in a sandy hollow between the “æ havbjerge” - the straw-coloured dunes - which rise in soft curves along the entire coast. From districts and corners, from Skallingen in the south to Vedersø Klit in the north, the scene is set for enjoying late summer and celebrating autumn. It is a special season when it comes to the local natural bounty and events under the open sky – such as the roaring concert of rutting red deer.

The art of discovery

At our many museums, you will be invited on a journey of discovery, where past and present are bound together and prepare us for greater understanding of the future. Harsh realities with infinite beauty are expressed in ceramics, on canvas, or given form in world-class contemporary architecture. Visit FLUGT, the newly opened international museum designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group, which conveys the universal feelings associated with being a refugee. Travel back 1000 years and meet the Vikings. Go to a flea market and see if Jutlanders really are hawkers par excellence. Late summer is also the peak season for music in streets, alleys and churches – for example, when the volume is turned up at the Late Summer Festival in Hvide Sande.

Sample the wild North Sea cuisine

Wild and colourful, nature unfolds and nourishes more than our mental health and good mood. Everything from the ground, air and sea also settles well in the stomach. Take part in the wild North Sea culinary culture on a mushrooms hunt or learn the art of catching your own crayfish. Everywhere in the markets and farm shops, you can sample specialty products from small local producers, from juice to cheese and West Jutland whisky. In the kitchens of the many cafes and acclaimed restaurants, dishes are prepared from scratch and with great respect for the local ingredients – often served in the company of the season’s fish or shellfish. North Sea cuisine is a love affair with the sea in all seasons, where every morning the day’s catch is landed and entered on the menus.