Vinter ved Vesterhavet Familie i klitterne

Responsible holidays by the North Sea

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On this page, we guide you to a more responsible holiday by the North Sea. You'll find tips and tricks and lots of inspiration - even the little things can make a big difference. 

Set foot on the soil of West Jutland and wherever you step, nature is right there. The North Sea, the dunes, the fjord, the moors and the bare fields - it's enough to make your mind wander and give you food for thought. A break from everyday life and a wheel that rolls faster and faster. Nature is a natural battery we use to recharge. A visit to the beach can create lifelong memories.

A walk in the forest fills the lungs with fresh air and tires the body. Along the coast, around the fjord and occasionally in the centre and west, there are activities, sights and places that do their part to respect and support the area's nature and environment. So you can recharge your batteries - and so others can recharge theirs for years to come - naturally. We have put together 8 simple North Sea Commandments that tell you how you can help take good care of our environment and nature when you visit the destination; Visit North Sea.

Naturerlebnisse an der Nordseeküste

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Discover nature - right outside

Green and lush, bright and vibrant. Here on the west coast and by the fjord, nature is one of the main attractions. Something we are very proud of. In fact, we can (almost) guarantee that wherever you are - there are great nature experiences right outside your front door. Right here in West Jutland, there is a wealth of nature experiences for both children and adults - all year round.

A great way to protect nature is to discover what's right outside. Leave the (electric) car behind and put on your good hiking boots. Pack a packed lunch and settle down in a meadow, plantation or forest. Soak up the nature-rich experiences and let them grow anew each time you visit.
Nature is changeable and there is so much we can learn from it. All while taking care of it. When you visit us, you can of course charge your electric car - find an electric charging point.


One of the places where you can experience nature up close and at the same time have a family experience is at WOW Park. Here you can play in the treetops and swing from branch to branch - without harming nature or yourself.
Naturkraft is a unique place where the connection with nature and people takes place through play, learning and workshops. Here you can learn about natural forces and phenomena such as fire, water, land and wind. You'll gain insight into the complexity and beauty of nature and learn how we can best care for and protect our environment.

At Enemærkets Hostahave you can experience no less than 1700 different hostas. The site is located just outside Ringkøbing, and here you can enjoy your coffee and packed lunch in the scent of forest and flowers. If you want a guided tour with a nature guide who knows the North Sea expanses like the back of her hand, Merete Vigen is a favourite choice. Merete has been mesmerising her audiences for more than 15 years and knows all the great places and hidden stories in and around the area.

The hidden treasures of the North Sea

Denmark may be known for its flat landscape, but for those who want to experience untouched nature and unique ecosystems, the country - and especially the North Sea area - is something special. Here you can hike through meadows, plantations and parks, all of which have in common the preservation of biodiversity. The scenic areas have trails, observation towers and guided tours that allow you to explore nature in a sustainable way.

Head out and discover Bagges Dæmning, which until 2016 had been abandoned for 150 years. Here you can discover the northern area of Ringkøbing Fjord via cycle and footpaths and bridges. For those who are truly interested in birds, a visit to Tipperne, an undisturbed breeding, feeding and resting area for swimming and wading birds, is a must.

De tilsandede Ege is named after the forest of oak trees in Kærgård Plantation, which over time has been covered by drifting sand. There are marked trails here so you can explore and find good hiding places. Protecting and preserving natural areas in Southwest Jutland is a shared task for all of us. Through sustainable behaviour, awareness of our impact on nature and active participation in conservation efforts, we can ensure that these beautiful areas remain intact for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

Go to rest in the middle of nature

After the hikes, the surfboard rides, the fresh air and the many sensory, natural impressions, it's good to have a soft bed, a local meal and a hot (short) bath. Along the west coast and around Ringkøbing Fjord, you'll find many hotels, holiday centres and campsites that have implemented sustainable practices such as recycling and local food products.

At DriveThru in Hvide Sande, a 200-year-old Klitsgård has now been converted into a Bed & Breakfast. Here you can stay in the charming thatched farmhouse, where outside there's a barrel sauna, fire pit, and inside you'll find sleeping space for 20 guests, a cosy fireplace room and yoga room. Further south at Henne Strand Camping, you'll stay next to the dunes and just a few metres from the water. In fact, you can probably hear the waves crashing in the evening and a visit to the white sandy beach is a must - even in winter. Same with Hvidbjerg Strand Feriepark.

Stay close to nature and see the dunes, nature and the changing seasons up close. Hear the water and a whispering westerly wind wherever you are. By the fjord there is more shelter, but the nature is just as beautiful. A holiday home is an obvious choice for families, and there are plenty of beautiful, scenic places to choose from. Stay in a holiday home; Feriepartner and Esmark provide a good setting, a cosy and good base for your holiday. If you have your four-legged friend with you, there are plenty of accommodations with dogs, where the water and food bowls are already set out.

If your holiday home or cabin is too cramped and you need wide open spaces and blue skies, there are many places on the coast and around the fjord where you can stay in shelters. Pack your sleeping bag, cookware and fall asleep to the sound of birdsong and the crackling sound of the fire. Often it's not possible to book a pitch, but there are plenty of great locations, so you're (almost) guaranteed to find a spot all to yourself. Always remember to be considerate of others and clean up after yourself, and if you have a dog with you, keep it on a lead.

Taste the North Sea

Several restaurants and eateries along the North Sea and Fjords focus on serving local and sustainable food. Here you have the opportunity to taste regional specialities while supporting local farmers and producers who follow sustainable practices.

Several coastal towns along the North Sea have initiatives that promote sustainability, including local production and sales of organic food, sustainable shops and events that focus on environmental awareness and protection of the marine environment.

One of them is Fjordgaarden, located in the middle of the wild nature of the North Sea, which offers peace and well-being. Here you can stay overnight, relax in wellness, eat Danish produce and fresh fish from Hvide Sande at their cosy restaurant. At Hr. Skov in Blåvand you can visit the café and the cosy gourmet shop, which is full of delicious specialities.

If you're looking for an organic dinner, head over to Økoladen. In 2019, the place was voted 'Denmark's best farm shop', and we understand why. Here you'll find local produce from local West Jutland farmers. Among other things, flour products from Aurion and Nybogaard and ice cream from Skarø. On the same trip, you can swing by Gaardbageren, a small family-owned business that focuses on less food waste, Danish ingredients and employee well-being with fewer weekend and night shifts. All in all - a bakery with its heart in the right place.

From south to north of Ringkøbing, you'll find Nymindegab, a beautiful place with wide open spaces. Here, Henriette and René have gathered a lot of local producers at Local Food. Everything from beer breweries, cheesemakers and butchers to small distilleries and roasteries. If it's local and it tastes heavenly - you're sure to find it here.

Near Nørre Nebel is Toftegaard Økologi - a family-run organic farm with a cosy farm shop. There is a strong focus on animal welfare and natural wildlife. Bring the kids - you can get up close to the animals and see how they live and feel. Another place where the family is the prime mover is at Enghavegård Osteri. They know where to cut the cheese and, not least, how most cheeses are made from Danish ingredients.

Experiences and shopping on a green holiday

You'll find good second-hand shops in several places by the North Sea. Blå Kors, for example, which you can find in Varde, Spjald, Esbjerg, Søndervig and Nørre Nebel.  At Danmission in Ringkøbing and Feddet lopper og genbrug near Søndervig, you will undoubtedly also find many fine second-hand items.

SæbeRiget is worth a visit and a souvenir that smells and feels good - in more ways than one. Here they make organic soap in solid form, body oils, body scrubs made from hand-picked flowers and herbs from the West Jutland countryside. You can even try your hand at making your own soap - and take home a sensory memory.

If you're looking for a more active and green experience, join OM-HU on a beach clean-up. It's a practical and immediately rewarding way to contribute to the environment. You'll help keep the beaches clean so that together we can safeguard both wildlife and keep the area attractive for future visitors. It's also an ideal way to learn more about how locals look after nature. 

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